Morning Reading for April 20

Luke 12:13-21
Suggested further reading: Philippians 4:10-20

The passage we have read now affords a singular instance of man's readiness to bring the things of this world into the midst of his religion. One of our Lord's hearers wanted assistance with his temporal affairs (v. 13). He probably had some vague idea that Jesus was going to set up a worldly kingdom. He resolved to make an early application to him about his own pecuniary matters. When other hearers might be thinking about the world to come, this man's thoughts evidently ran upon this present life. How many gospel hearers are just like this man! How many are incessantly planning about the things of time even under the very sound of the things of eternity! Even the preaching of Christ did not arrest the attention of all his hearers. The servant must not expect his sermons to be more valued than his Master's.

There is a solemn warning given against covetousness (v. 15). There is no sin to which the heart is more prone than covetousness. It was the sin which helped to cast down the angels that fell. They were not content with their first estate (Jude 6). It was this sin that helped drive Adam and Eve out of paradise and brought death into the world (Gen. 3:1-6). They coveted and so they fell. Ever since the Fall this sin has been the fertile cause of misery and unhappiness on earth. Wars, quarrels, strifes, divisions, envyings, disputes, jealousies, hatreds of all sorts, both public and private, Maynearly all be traced up to this fountain-head.

Let the warning that our Lord pronounces sink down into our hearts and bear fruit in our lives. Let us try to learn the lesson that St Paul mastered (Phil. 4:11). Let us pray for a thorough confidence in God's superintending providence over all our worldly affairs and God's perfect wisdom in all his arrangements concerning us. Happy is he who is persuaded that whatever is, is best, and has ceased from vain wishing.

For meditation: The bigger and the better are the gods of this world. We cannot serve them and the true and living God (Matt. 6:24).

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